YouTube video on Facebook page in 3 easy steps

You want to share a YouTube video on your Facebook page or on the wall of your personal profile? This way your followers can click the video and it will start to play within Facebook.

How? After some research I found information on this, tested it and it works. Easy but not logical. That’s why I am sharing this with you.

Now you want to share a YouTube without uploading it to Facebook. You want to embed the video on your business page.

Step 1. Copy the link of the YouTube video

You are on a website and there you see a video that you want to share on your Facebook page.

  1. Click your right mouse button anywhere on the video.
  2. Click with the left mouse button on ‘Copy video URL’

copy YouTube video URL

Or, you are on and find a video that you want to share.
Click the Share button (1) below the video and copy the link (2) that is revealed.

Step 2. Paste the Link in Facebook

Go to your Facebook page.
Click on the ‘Link’ button.

Click on link on your Facebook wall

Paste the link and click ‘Attach’
Paste the link and click Attach

Step 3. Make the message to go with the video personal.

Add your opinion or reason why you are sharing it.

  1. Click on the text next to video and customize/change it. Use Enter to save this text.
  2. Add your personal note: Why is the video interesting for your target audience.
  3. click ‘Post’

Customize message with YouTube video for your Facebook wall

Step 4. Done
There you have it. You can play the video directly in Facebook:
YouTube Video ready to be viewed directly on your Facebook page

Enjoy sharing YouTube video’s in Facebook.

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Dit artikel is ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands: YouTube video in Facebook pagina in 3 stappen

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  1. Karin van Nuil-Tolman says:

    Ik wil naast de foto-button op mijn facebookpagina ook een videobutton die doorklikt naar mijn Youtube kanaal, maar blijkbaar kan dat alleen als je bijvoorbeeld een bedrijfspagina hebt?

  2. TODD PERRY says:

    Been there tried that doesnt work.
    Shows video picture and link but when try to play goes blank.
    try again.

  3. Hi Erno. Thanks for responding all the comment in english, Than we all can understand them 🙂
    Anyway great tutorial that I´ve used on the facebook page of my business It works great using videos for my customers, so thank you very much for the post….

    Did you know that, you can get the emails of you “likers” of your facebook site, Legeally it should be ok, and then you can contact people that likes your service and knows it…… Just a tip

  4. Kate Lennon says:

    This advice doesn’t work. A thumbnail of the video appears on facebook which, when clicked, opens the video on YouTube – ie, on a different page. The video doesn’t play on the facebook page.

    • Sorry Kate.
      Facebook has changed this. When you add a Youtube link in an update it will not play anymore. You will be redirected to the Youtube site.
      When you own the material upload the original video to your page or profile.
      Video’s that are uploaded on Facebook have a far better reach than Youtube links on Facebook.


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