Where do I find the people that Like my Facebook business page?

Facebook changed the way you can see who liked your page. Before you could just click on the number of likes and a popup would show up with the people that like your page.

This changed and you need to do 2 extra steps now.
You can also find a screencast of this below.

The people that like your page

1. Click on the link ‘Like this’ just below the number of likes on your page, in the left sidebar.

2. Click on ‘See likes’ on the top right.

Here is the list of your likes in chronological order, i.e. people that liked your page most recently are first in this list.

View Likes via Insights

There is another way to find the people that liked your page, via Insights. Actually it is the same way but a different starting point.

1. Click ‘Insights’ in the left sidebar
Like your Facebook page

2. Now Click ‘Likes’

3. Click on ‘See likes’ on the top right.

4. Voila, the List of the people that liked your page, with most recently liked first in this list.


A short screencast of these steps.

Find the people that Liked your Facebook page from Erno Hannink on Vimeo.

Say hi

This list may help you to welcome new followers for your page. You can visit their personal profile and send them a short message.

Celebrate your fans

The list can help you to celebrate your fans on your page. You can put a spotlight on the 100th, 200th, 1000th… fan of your page and write something on the wall about this new fan.

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  1. or just use Facebook as your page and click on the “friends/fans” icon to see the 5 newest fans and click on see all to see all fans.

  2. But does this show the total number of Likers? It seems like when I check this list it doesn’t show all 800+ for the page.

    • It should show all the people that Like your page David.

      • No, It doesn’t. I don’t’ know why, but “See Likes” link at mu page shows 79 people less than the number indicated on my page (503 vs 579). Do you know the reason? Which number is real?

        • Do you still see the same difference Kiril? Where are you on your page to see “See Likes”?

          • Yes, the difference exist, independingly of the way you apply to chek your Likes number. I just was looking for other users’ experience in this matter and now I’ m sure: for some reason Facebook shows only last 500 of page fans, even when you have 3000 or 5000, you will see 500 only.

  3. I need help! I have created a page for my All-Star Cheerleading program. I have several “Likes” but unless they go to my page, they don’t get anything from me on their news feeds. How can I contact the people that have “Liked” my page??? When I click on “Share”, it only allows me to share on my own timeline! Why would I “Share” with myself???

    • Hi Beth,
      You can share your page with your friends. Also only a part of the people that Like your page will see these updates. Depending on how active and interactive the page is, your reach will be larger.
      Often your reach is somewhere between 10-50%. So, yes it can happen that the people that like your page miss updates.
      What is the URL of your page?

  4. This isn’t true. I have close to 3,000 likers, but I can’t see ALL of the Likers in the list, i don’t think it even shows a thousand likers in the list.

    • Hi Darrell, maybe it is a bug see the comment of Kiril : “for some reason Facebook shows only last 500 of page fans, even when you have 3000 or 5000, you will see 500 only.”

      I must say I have never checked if this list was complete. I am mostly interested in the people that followed the page lately. So I can check their profiles, send them a welcome message for example.

  5. Maybe you can help me…or direct me to the right place….
    When a business likes my facebook business page, I am notified but it doesnt increase my like count, nor does it show up in the list of people who have liked my page. I only have 40 likes thus far….is there a solution or is this normal?! Thank you!

    • Hi Ann, the number of Likes only increases when a person (personal profile) ‘Likes’ your page. A ‘Like’ of another page does not increase the number of Likes.

  6. Hi,
    Finhave a facebook page for my business but how do i contact peopl who like my page or posts….the message button on their fb is not active when i view their account? And my updates do not appear on their wall, which i assume should otherwise how will i keep them updated?
    Help please!Thanks!

  7. Hi,
    I have a facebook page for my business but how do i contact peopl who like my page or posts….the message button on their fb is not active when i view their account? And my updates do not appear on their wall, which i assume should otherwise how will i keep them updated?
    Help please!Thanks!

  8. Hi Erno,

    Is it possible to search for specific fans in your like list similarly to how you can search for friends on personal pages?

    • Hi Kimberly, sorry that is not possible. What you can do is – open the Likes list with ‘See All’ in the Admin menu. Scroll down and then use Ctrl-F or cmd-F of your browser and search for a name.

  9. A page I am working on just reached 100 likes. But all of your suggestion about searching for the ‘likers’ only shows about 60 likes…

  10. nice information about face…can you please tell why my Facebook likes decrease automatically
    my page is http://www.facebook.com/manntravelau?ref=hl

  11. I have the same problem as other page users. About 20-50 people who have liked my band page are not showing up on my screen (whichever menu I use). They swear blind they are still likers and its ticked as a like on their screen. But even when i visit their personal pages (if they are my friends ) they are not showing that they like my band. Whichever way I view my list of likers they are not visible. And this is not their privacy settings. If I get them to unlike and relike they do suddenly show up on my list (though the number of likes remains the same)

  12. My page shows 26 likes. When I click “See Likes,” it lists 15 people. Is it showing on a list of people on Facebook, and that the other 11 were not on Facebook, or were not by friends?

  13. I have some of the same problems as others are stating on this page. it can be very annoying that’s for sure ! if anyone is interested in visiting and liking my page I would be Greatful and would appreciate it very much and I will return the favor and Like your Page Thanks

  14. I set up a business page on Facebook and immediately got “Likes” until my boost ran out, I really feel these people liking my page are fake/setup as I am a marriage celebrant and the people who liked are not the usual people looking for a celebrant ie, really old ladies and men. Are they red herrings?

  15. How old is this post? I do not see – “see likes” anywhere

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