Erno speaking at your event?

Erno is the family and business balance finder for coaches and entrepreneurs.

He speaks for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and the self-employed that want to build a family and build a business at the same time without shortchanging either or dying of exhaustion.

Erno teaches entrepreneurs who want a rich balance in entrepreneurship and family, to use the internet to get more clients and save time.

Erno is a mentor, author and speaker for coaches, trainers, the self employed and entrepreneurs.

Check out my speaking topics

  • Building your family and building your business at the same time without dying from exhaustion
  • Attract your ideal client online, the key to success for experts that need more business
  • Stop wasting time with social media and start using it to get new clients

Paul ter Wal – Stentor

Erno is a very inspiring as a speaker on (t)his topic. He is giving a lot of tips you can implemend directly. His knowlegde is huge and the combination with his speaking skills makes it worth to book him!

Victor Bonke of Acquiro:

Erno is a very knowledgeable person when it comes to Facebook. Ask him anything about Facebook and he knows the answer, without giving you difficult technical details. He is very open in his presentation style ans very much willing to help you make progress in your business using Facebook. Highly recommended if you need a PRO on Facebook.

The free 30 minute version of the book is available in English – download Attracting Clients now.


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You could have seen me at:

  • SOBCon Apr 29 -May 1 – Chicago – on the panel about starting your business and personal branding

On the SOBCon 2010 website:

Erno Hannink is a Social Media for Independent Professionals Specialist and Social Media Business Coach. Through the use of social media and a focus on online publishing of valuable information, Erno helps independent professionals attract and retain more clients. He also blogs on (Dutch), and is the initiator of the Dutch translation of Happy Hour is 9 to 5 by Alexander Kjerulf. Erno also organizes multiple social media events including WordCamp in the Netherlands and the Social Media Event (Dutch) in Utrecht, Netherlands #SME10; an event to help Small Biz owners utilize the full potential of social media.

Speaking at Chamber of Commerce meetup
Erno Hannink speaking at a meetup of the Chamber of Commerce

Frans Reichardt Chief Customer Ambassador:

“Erno did a wonderful job when he conducted an intensive Facebook workshop for members of the Professional Speakers Association Holland. He taught us the ins and outs of Facebook and give us lots of practical guidelines and do’s & don’ts for getting Facebook to work for us. This guy is a social media powerhouse!”

Adriaan Wagenaar Breakthrough Architect & professional speaker:

“Erno conducted an insightful session on Facebook for Professional Speakers (PSA Holland). I enjoyed his ‘hands on’ style of helping me and the other participants to create new opportunities with Facebook. His expert-style was ‘what makes you successfull on Facebook?’ instead of’ Just do like me and everything will be OK'”

Video’s of workshops:

Working on your profile to let LinkedIn work for you

A workshop in Dutch during Show me the Tools in Zutphen June 2010. (in Dutch)

Workshop for clients of Refresh Interactive

Workshop on attracting clients using social media like blogs and the social networking sites. (in Dutch)

Interview with Deirdre Breakenridge

In this video interview with Deirdre we talk about how social media influences public relations, about entrepreneurship and family balance, and how she gets new clients.

Interview with Becky McCray

An interview with the rural business expert Becky McCray. We talk about her various businesses the liquor store, the cattle range, Tourism Currents and more. Her life goal “Help rural entrepreneurs prosper so they can make their rural area prosper.”


For keynotes and major workshops in 2013, my fee is in the range of € 1,500 to € 3,000, plus travel expenses, depending on the specifics.

Webinars and distance presentations range from € 500 to € 1,000.

If that’s outside your budget, but you still feel like we’re a perfect fit, contact me with more details. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

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