Someone created a Facebook business page with my business name and it wasn’t me. #QandA

You are starting or just started a page on Facebook for your business. Then you do a quick search and you find a business page with your business name that you did not create. Whats is going on? Can you remove that page?

There can be a view reasons why this page is there:

  1. You or a colleague added an employer with the business name to their personal profile. They just added the name of the company without connecting it to a page. This happens often.
    Facebook automatically creates an empty page, with the blue briefcase, with the business name.
  2. Someone checked in at your location using your business name. Here Facebook also creates a page automatically, a ‘place’.
  3. Someone, possibly a fan, started a page for your business

What to do?

1. Start your page

For now just pretend these other pages are not there and create your page. Start completing you page.

  • Add a banner in the sidebar (profile image)
  • Create a welcome tab and ask new visitors to like your page
  • Invite friends, clients, customers, co-workers, colleagues to like your page
  • Post updates regularly, at the least once every 2 days.

Let your page be found and indexed by Facebook and the other search engines by creating a very active and valuable page.
This page our page will show up in the search results above the other pages.

2. Remove employers with empty page

Ask your colleagues to remove their employer and add it again.
Now when they add the employer for a second time, they will have to select your page from the list.

This way the official page will be connected to their personal profile and the automatically created page will slowly but surely disappear.

Connect the check-in page

You may want to connect the check-in page to the official page that you have created.

Go to ‘Edit page’ -> ‘Resources’ -> ‘Merge duplicate pages’

You have fans

A fan created a page with your business name. Try to contact the owner of the page with a message on the wall of that page.
See what you can do with the help of this fan to promote your page. Maybe you can support this page, that is what Coca Cola did.


Here is the video with my weekly Q&A.

There is already a page on Facebook for my business that I did not start from Erno Hannink on Vimeo.

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  1. Hello Erno,

    I need your advice on an issue that I am having with somebody who has setup a facebook page using my business name. My business name is discount fuels and I do not have a facebook page. When I google this name a page already exists and is not mine. I am the registered owner and user of this company and business name. Is there any way in which I can have this page removed as it is incorrect and misleading. I would really appreciate any help you have to offer me


    Gary Donovan

  2. thanks for a very helpful article!

  3. We are having the same issue with our school, the school has a fb page but – there is another page created by an apparel company, which has the name of our school and “apparel” as the business name along with our school address. Any suggestions on how to remove the fake page? We have gone through the usual FB reporting process and so far nothing has been done.

    • Hi Kelly, not really a solution when you have already reported the fake page. You can start by being very active on your page and get Likes for the page and interaction on the posts. This way your page will become more visible in the search results and push out the fake page.

  4. Hi. I have a problem with fake page on facebook, that pretends to be page of my company. It’s abusing my company and uses my trademark and the name of my company. My clients told me that they see it high on google websearch altough it has only one like.
    I have reported it to facebook (a few times) but it didn’t work. What should I do?
    Thank you in advance.

  5. zan mirani says:

    hi. i have the same problem. someone creating a facebook page using my company name. how can i remove or reported the page? i keep reported it to facebook team but there is no action until now. please help me.

  6. Question please.
    Someone is using my name as their facebook page name.
    My facebook page is
    Their page is

    My page is from 2010 and we are registered with the USPTO.
    How can facebook just let anyone use someone else’s company name? And a registered one! My corporate name is Tan United, LLC. dba Tan United.
    I’m all for small business but to use my business name on another page offering similar services?
    I have reported this several times and 2 times facebook made her change her name by taking down her page only to resurface with a variant spelling the past 2 other times. My complaints now fall on deaf ears at facebook and as you can see Facebook has become a third arm for us and we are very involved with multiple interactions daily. Please can you help any? Thanks in advance.

  7. Hello Erno!

    I have the problem – but I’m on the other side of conflict.
    I have a FB page since august 2014. This page is about photography in one of the city in UK.
    Yesterday, somebody wrote to me that he has a small company with the same name like my page. He told me, that I have to change name of my page. So, my question is – do I have to do this? This man, has his company since january 2014 – but when I was searching the name for my page I didn’t find anything with his company.
    Also, I have to tell that my pages is managing from other country – not UK.
    Thank you for advice.

  8. I have a registered business operating as Zees Mechanical Services Limited.
    Someone has registered this on facebook and is promoting it without my constent. Every time i goggle my company name it shows that it has a facebook linked to my company name showing my companys website address as I would wish for this page to get down as soon as possible from the goggle engine.

    Very much appreciated.
    Zahid Ayaan Mohammed

  9. DANCETRAX says:

    Recently I reported a fake page usingmy brand name Dancetrax and with the felp of facebook that page was been removed. Bt now someone has again created a fake page again using my brand name and I guess its a same person coz the posts of the previous and the new fake page are shared by the same person. Can any help me to get rid of this situation. Thanks

  10. Hi I was just checking my business details online when I came across a facebook page,if you click on the web address it takes you to another companies website,is there anyway I can stop this from happening
    Thanks Billy

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