Unlock your hidden customer potential – presentation topic

SUBTITLE: “Simple Tweaks that Will Increase Sales”

300 million people live in the US, 451 million live in the European Union. This huge market can be easily reached by US companies. Many US companies see that potential, but only a few can fully harvest. The ones that arenʼt succeeding simply copy their US message and business model in Europe and wonder why it doesnʼt work.

Why is that? The world is one world, certainly now internet is ubiquitous. Europeans are unified with the introduction of the euro currency, right? Partly so. Although major steps have been made to establish one European market, there are still a lot of differences among the countries in the EU.
Differences that can obstruct your sales growth or if you know what to do, differences which you can use to outsell your competitors.

The trick: slightly alter your message to fully reach and unlock the European market.

In this presentation you will learn what the differences between the US and European countries are and the seven doʼs to craft a message that works in Europe.

SPEAKERS: Erno Hannink and Pieter van Osch
Two Dutch entrepreneurs, passionate online media specialists and always looking opportunities to apply innovative technologies in real business environments. Youʼll get almost 100 years of handson European experience in one presentation.

Erno Hannink (1968) is a Social Media Specialist for Independent Professionals and Social Media Business Coach. Through the use of social media and a focus on online publishing of valuable information, Erno helps independent professionals attract and retain more clients.
He is the author of the book ʻAttracting Clients – How Independent Professionals and solopreneurs can get new clients using the internet” (free download) and also blogs on ernohannink.com (Dutch). Initiator of the Social Media Club and WordCamp in Holland and organiser of the Social Media Event. You can find Erno on Twitter as @ErnoHannink

Pieter van Osch (1962) is an international serial entrepreneur making breakthrough technologies viable in a business context. Visionary and practical has Pieter worked for companies like Coca Cola, Heineken, Xerox and Disneyland. Currently Pieter is specializing in online customer experience as the most practical tool for business growth. Getting more customers through the internet by making internet beautiful and productive. Co-founder of the Social Media Club Amsterdam. See also Pieterʼs BLOG at www.CustomerVibes.com. You can follow Pieter on Twitter as @pyotr .

TARGET AUDIENCE: entrepreneurs, presidents, VPʼs of marketing and sales, marketeers

DELIVERY: Interactive, informational, inspiration and fun!

DURATION: 30 minutes (20, 45 or 60 minutes possible upon request). Additionally, we can provide half day and full day workshops going into your proposition in-depth.