Attracting Clients Expertise Sessions for One Year

Your wish

Are you a coach, author, speaker and/or trainer with a true passion for your work? You do believe in the power of your services and products. So, You have a wish:

  • earn more money
  • let clients come to you
  • become visible in the online world

You are self-employed and you have one major point of attention: more business with less effort.

More Clients

I have spoken with hundreds of coaches, authors, writers, speakers, and see one issue coming up again and again: you want more clients.

This is a sampling of the answers I read the most:

    I love what I do but I need more clients
    How do I setup Facebook to get more clients
    How do I use LinkedIn to get more business
    I want a better price for my services.

So you see, you are not alone.

What do you need

There are so many social network sites and blogs out there it is impossible to keep up with it all. And you don’t need to. You should focus on your core business. This is how you make money.

You need a guide that shows you what works when you want to attract clients using the internet.
You want someone who is your lens to the new world and can show you only what you need to see.


You will make yourself accountable. I will be your mentor and will support you in your accountability on a monthly basis.

One year to support you on a monthly basis in attracting clients and growing your business.

For 10 months we will have a 45 minutes call each month.
Each call will be prepared by you and me.

Agenda of the call

The points in relation to attracting clients, we will talk about:

  • What did you do the past month
  • What is your plan for the coming month
  • What is not working right now
  • What was your sales for the last month

Before each session I will look at your online activities and we will discuss the findings and possible actions you can take.

Value of 10 Expertise Sessions is EUR 2,750.00

Register now and pay only EUR 2,475.00 for one year.

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Topics we can give attention and therefore improve are:

  • Picking your target audience
  • Creating products and services for your target audience
  • Pricing for these products
  • Sales pages for your products and services
  • Your Hub (Website and blog): call to action, visitors, keywords, topics
  • Newsletter, increasing the number of subscribers, open rate, clicks, frequency
  • Social Networking Sites, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. Improvements for your profile.
  • Video, how can you use video, equipment, sharing sites

Erno Hannink

Erno HanninkI am Erno Hannink, mentor, author and speaker on Attracting Clients. A topic that has kept me busy for the last 10 years and I am still finding new ways to attract more clients. Founder of Hannink Online Media – a network company – that supports independent professionals in the automation of attracting clients.

Author of the book Attracting Clients (Laat de klant naar jou komen) A very practical book that is in it’s second print. The first print sold out in 9 months! My next book will be out beginning 2012 and is called Picking your niche (Kies je doelgroep).

On my website I write articles on attracting clients via the internet. With a newsletter reaching more than 8,000 subscribers. Adding more than 1,000 subscribers each 4 months.

Initiator of several international events in the Netherlands, like SOBCon Europe, WordCampNL, Social Media Event and the Social Media Club.

Value of 10 Expertise Sessions is EUR 2,750.00

Register now and pay only EUR 2,475.00 for one year.

You can use Paypal, Credit Card or Ideal
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