Are you missing important messages on Facebook?

When a friend on Facebook sends you a message you can clearly see it at the top left of every page. When other people, whom are not directly connect to you, sends you a message it ends up in a secret box.

While writing an article about Facebook lists I was testing my groups. Clicking through the updates of my groups in the favorites I clicked on ‘Messages’ and ‘Other’.

There I saw it, messages from the last 4-5 months that I had completely missed. People asking questions, one potential client, attendees of my webinars that asked me to join the group.

I felt stupid for missing these messages, ashamed that I had not replied to these people in a few days and wondering why Facebook is not able to bring these messages to my attention in an easier way.

Okay, I can live without the spam and almost all of the messages from the pages I like, but I look like an arrogant person for not replying to people who send me real and honest questions.

Before I just received messages from pages in this ‘Other’ box, now you will see messages from people who are not ‘friends’ with you in this same hidden box.

You can find this box when you click ‘Messages’ and the secret box will be revealed as ‘Other’.

In the ‘Other’ inbox you will find messages from pages that you ‘Like’ (that nobody reads), spam AND messages from people who you are not connected with, not directly and not via a friend.

These messages don’t show up in your regular Facebook ‘Inbox’

You click ‘Messages’ in the left sidebar on your Facebook home page. Then you can click the special inbox ‘Other’.
Or use this direct link:

Missed any messages

Did you miss any messages. How do you feel Facebook can improve this experience? Reply below.

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