Jane Boyd on Work Life Balance and Attracting Clients

To give you inspiration on how experts in the market attract clients and find new business in their niche I am going to start a series of video interviews. This should become a weekly topic here.

The idea is to talk to these experts in their field, learn about their expertise and how they get clients so you can use this for your business.

The expert

Jane Boyd

This is my first interview and today I am talking with Jane Boyd (@boydjane). Jane is an expert on Work/Life Balance. A topic that I also find very interesting in particular the Entrepreneurship/Family or Entrepreneurship/Life Balance.

You can follow her writing on this topic on the blog boydjane.ca.
Her company is Work, Family & Life Consulting Ltd. where she works for government, large organisations and also independent professionals.

On her bio:

She is a recognized blogger, speaker and thought leader on all issues relating to work-life. She actively explores how social media intersects with our lives and our work. Jane focuses her energies on living, laughing & earning by building connections, facilitating conversations and leading change to make the world a better place.

The Video interview

Please listen and watch my fist video-interview with Jane Boyd via Skype

Note: during the interview I often look look down, not directly in the camera, at that moment I am watching Jane on my screen. Hey, it is my first video-interview via Skype, I am learning 🙂

Jane’s website
Jane Boyd's hub (website and blog)

Your take on Work/Life Balance

Love to hear what how you feel about work/life balance.
Does it even exist a good entrepreneurship/life balance?

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