Improve your Facebook page with the Report Promote My Fan Page Best Fan Page Awards

Sunday November 14th the voting closed and Leigh collected the final reviews of the panel. Leigh Kostiainen of Advanced Fan Page Solutions collected al the reviews in a full report. Download the report, look at the finalists, read the reviews and see where you can improve your Facebook page.

When you are working on your Facebook page it is interesting to look at the 13 finalists (see this overview of the finalists). Most of the finalists have 1.000+ fans, one even has 8.000+. Still, these Facebook pages have some points to improve their visitbility on Facebook and get even more ‘Likes’.

These are the reviews of Cathy’s Creations:

PMFP finalist Cathy’s Creations in Promote My Fan Page Best Fan Page Awards

Panellist 1 Review
The best thing that Cathy’s Creations is doing with their Page is fan engagement, great use of Reviews, use of an Etsy tab, and an active discussion board. They can improve the Page by adding a custom landing tab. The purpose of the Page is clear.

Panellist 2 Review
Best thing: Engaging all over!
Place to improve: Consider getting a Welcome Tab with email capture.
Page purpose clear? Very

Panellist 3 Review (mine)
The keywords “bead crochet bracelets” could be added to the title of the page to be better found in the search. Good selling from the Etsy shop on a separate tab. Landing on a welcome tab and showing some examples and call to action can win some more likes. Missing branding possibilities in the profile image, name of company.
Lots of topics in the forum. Good photo’s that support the sale and good interaction on the wall.

  • land on Wall
  • No welcome tab
  • Wall shows message of page and not fans
  • info box misses link to website
  • lots of topics in the forum
  • 12 reviews
  • Etsy store where you can buy directly
  • good photo’s
  • good interaction on the wall

Panellist 4 Review
The fan page of Cathy’s Creations has got nearly 1900 likers selling beautiful bead crochet bracelets for every age and size using a variety of glass beads, Swarovski crystals, pearls and sterling silver. The landing page displays a selection of those bracelets using an Etsy shopping tab.
The pictures are of good quality and it’s easy to move around and pick the item of your choice. You also have the possibility of using the share button on each item to share it with your friends on your wall.
The profile picture is not using the full possibility of 600px x 200 px but it gives the page a personal touch with the drawing of a girl showing bracelets on her wrist. This personal touch continues throughout the page, for example on the wall.
This is social media engagement at its best- being transparent and authentic. Not only is Cathy posting all the information needed about the bracelets, but posting jokes, homemade videos and pictures which keeps the community active and engaged.

Panellist 5 Review
Some very humorous updates and interactions on this page, something this community obviously enjoys. The use of photos is very important for this product and works very well. Inclusion of reviews (some are very flattering) and the Etsy store are great moves in making this a profitable Facebook Page. The conversion of visitors to likers to buyers will be improved by creating a custom landing tab and a branded profile pic. A strong page with a powerful mission, well done.

Panellist 6 Review
Cathy’s Creations has some beautiful bracelets to sell on their My Etsy tab. They were very eye catching. I would consider putting some of those beautiful images on a welcome tab that will serve as their landing tab and a call to action to capture email subscribers. They have a unique way of engaging with their fans which is apparent and effective.

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En dit was de reactie van Cathy op het rapport:

“I will echo Jennifer’s sentiments. Thanks to all the panelist for your professional feed back. I wasn’t even aware a landing tab existed so I will be working on that today!
Also want to thank Trish, I think she needs a vacation :P”

Cathy already improved her page 🙂 Check it out.

You can download the complete report here (PDF) – report Promote My Fan Page Best Fan Page Awards

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