Tips and recommendations to improve your business Facebook page

This is a great tool that you can use to analyse your Facebook fan page. It will even give you tips and recommendations to improve your Facebook business page.

The tool is LikeAlyzer:

LikeAlyzer - improve your Facebook page

When you enter the URL of your Facebook business page in LikeAlyzer you will get a page with an analysis of your page, a grade and, tips and recommendations how to improve engagement on your Facebook fan page.

These are the result for my page Social Media for Independent Professionals


Let’s start with the recommendations:

  • Ask business partners, customers and friends to become fans.
  • Publish posts more often.
  • Publish more photos.
  • Write shorter posts.
  • Encourage your fans to ask more questions for you to answer.


Grade: 55
Fans: 414
Active fans: 2 (can be improved)
Engagement Rate: 0.5% (can be improved)

Posts per day: 0.4 (can be improved)
Average length in posts: 275 characters (can be shorter)

Curiosity: A good amount of questions (good)
Encourage to Like: Good

Posts by others
Facebook is an amazing network for dialogue with your clients and customers. You should encourage your fans to ask more questions.

Spread the love!
You like several other pages. Very good! We do hope that you interact with these pages on a regular basis.

This is how it looks for this Facebook page:
LikeAlyzer recommendations

Let’s analyze your Facebook business page

  1. Visit LikeAlyzer
  2. Enter the URL of your Facebook business page
  3. Review your recommendations and grade
  4. Share your Facebook page URL and grade in the comments

Of course don’t forget to Like Social Media for Independent Professionals for more tips on Facebook.

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  1. That’s a pretty cool tool, thanks!
    Actually it reminds me of this article I read a few weeks ago and might interest you- it’s a new free app that turns Facebook pages into real websites in just a few clicks –

  2. Hi Erno,

    I entered my fanpage to LikeAlyzer but the system says that my url is not correct. Well it is the correct ulr. I guess LikeAlyzer doesn’t like the uppercase in my url so I tried to change my username into all lowercase. That is not possible Facebook mentioned since the username already exists.

    What is the best thing to do now?

    Kind regards,


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