Discover the New Facebook Timeline for business pages to attract fans

Facebook introduced the Timeline on our personal profiles in 2011. It was only a matter of time before it will be rolled out to the pages section on Facebook.

February 29, 2012 Facebook introduced Timeline for their business pages. Now you have until March 30, 2012 to optimize your page so it looks great in Timeline. That is the date that all pages will automatically switch to this new layout.

Facebook Timeline for pages

Facebook Timeline for your business page

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As you can see the layout of the Facebook page for business completely changed. But wait there is more. Facebook gave you new options with this new layout. And it took away some options with Timeline.

One of the options that I have been promoting for over a year now is the Welcome Tab. “Make people land on your welcome tab and you will double the chance that people ‘Like’ your page.”

This landing on the welcome tab is gone. New visitors that land on your page that are not a fan will no longer land on your welcome tab.

Another option, the banner in de sidebar, gone. Of course you have now the great cover photo, but here you are limited what you can do with it, especially promotion wise.

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