Danger: Facebook personal profile is not a business page #QandA

One of the things I get the most questions about for Facebook is on the personal profile. Questions like: “Do I need a personal profile to create a business page?”, “How can I start a page for our business without people knowing that I created it?” “Can I delete the personal profile after I have created the business page?”

Watch the screencast video about Personal Profile vs Business Page

This screencast video shows examples of pages and I show how you quickly can recognize a personal profile or business page.

User profiles are…. personal“. The personal profile on Facebook is you and there is only one of you.

Facebook, similar to LinkedIn and other social networking sites, say that you can only have one personal profile. This personal profile has your first name and last name. No additions, no titles, no job descriptions, no company names, email address, telephone number. Just your first name and last name.

3 Easy steps to follow

  1. Create a personal profile that is you (not your business) – when you don’t have one already. If you don’t want to share too much personal information just complete the required fields. BTW you can not create a personal profile with an info@ email address.
  2. Now start your business page – click here facebook.com/pages/create.php
  3. Grow your business page by adding valuable content for your target audience

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Examples of Personal Profiles and Business Pages on Facebook

These are the examples I show in the screencast and talk about. Some personal profiles done correctly and some incorrect. I marked the personal profiles and pages where you quickly can see if you are on a page or on a profile.

The personal profile in the Timeline version:
Personal Profile Erno Hannink on Facebook

The Facebook business page in Timeline (all pages will switch to Timeline on March 30, 2012):
business page ErnoHannink on Facebook in Timeline

Personal Profile in Timeline, done correctly by Abdul Advany
personal profile Abdul Advany

Old Personal Profile: done incorrectly this is a business
Achterhoek Connect

Personal Profile in Time: done incorrectly, function title included, missing last name.
Organisatieregisseur Suzan

Business Page on Facebook in the new Timeline.
Overdrive Interactive

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Do you have a personal profile that is really personal? Do you just connect with friends and family or mix it with business relations?

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  1. Very nice post Erno. I’ve got a little addition: did you know it is actually possible to create a Facebook page without having a personal profiel?
    Business accounts are designed for people who only want to use Facebook to manage Pages and ad campaigns. For this reason, business accounts have limited access to information on Facebook and don’t have timelines or other features that personal accounts do.
    Here’s how:

  2. Thank you Erwin for this addition. Yes, I do know about the business accounts. Like you mention your page and account is limited when you do use these business accounts. For the overall reader of this blog, the self-employed person, I will always advice to use a personal profile and not a business account. Thank you for adding it here and explaining the limitations.

    • Carolina says:

      Hello Erno,

      I still haven´t got this straight. Maybe you could help?

      – Profiles in Facebook are personal. Must create account with name and surname.
      – Facebook pages for businesses.-
      So far so good.
      Couldn´t find an answer to the first questions above.
      – Do you need a Profile to create a Facebook page?. If not, is it still advantageous to have one even if you won´t have too much information running on the Profile Page? (for marketing purposes?. linking your Profile to your Facebook Page for ex.?)

      I have a client who has a Profile with his business name. Only 33 friends with no activity. No big deal.
      He doesn´t really want to have that Profile running anymore and wants only a Page. I wanted to know if it´s recommended to have a Profile. In the case he still wouldn´t want a Profile what needs to be done is deactivate the profile account.
      Thanks for your help!

      • You actually don’t need a personal profile to create a business page Carolina.
        When you create a page without a personal profile, Facebook will create a business profile. This means you will be limited on your page. For example you can not invite friends to like your page and some options are just not there for your page with a business profile.

        That is why I always recommend starting with a personal profile. People can not see the personal profile that is behind the page if you don’t want it.

        1. I would start with creating a new personal profile. 2. Add this new account as the admin to the page. 3. Then delete the profile with the business name.

        • Carolina says:

          Hello Erno,
          Thanks for your reply. Are you saying that when you create a Page in Facebook without a Personal Profile, what you are doing is automatically creating a Business Profile?. Are those Business Profiles set up with real name or business names?
          Anyway, I definitely will not create a Business account. So in order to NOT create a Business account the procedures are:
          – create a Personal Profile
          – then create a Fan Page

          This is the link to the example I gave you before: http://www.facebook.com/moviegrip

          That is the Personal Profile with their business name. Apparently there is a link to an existing Fan Page which has no activity at all.
          First step would be:
          – create a new personal profile
          – should I delete that page (it´s totally empty, can you see it?)
          – third step delete the profile with business name.

          Thanks Erno for your help. I don´t want to mess this!.

          • Hi Carolina,
            Yes, I would start with a new personal profile with the actual name of the owner.
            The page that you see now, has been created automatically by Facebook by entering the name of the company. You can’t delete it “Community Pages are not affiliated with, or endorsed by, anyone associated with the topic.”
            Just create a new page from the new personal profile.
            And yes, then you can delete the profile with the business name.

  3. Carolina says:

    Hello Enro,
    I really appreciate your help!.
    Just one more question: When you create a new Profile (which in this case will be duplicated for just some minutes till I delete the Profile with the business name) , can you create the new Profile with the same e-mail address?.
    One more tiny question. I am so confused with business accounts and Facebook Pages. Are business accounts and Facebook Page (fan page) the same?.

    Dank je wel!.
    (few words that i remember in Dutch…!)

    • Hi Carolina,
      No, you can’t start a personal profile with the same email address. You will need to start it with a new email address. But you can add email addresses later.

      A business account is similar to a personal profile but with limitations. A page is something different.

      Graag gedaan.

      • Carolina says:

        Hello Enro,
        Instead of deleting the Profile with the Business name as you suggest, couldn´t I edit the information of the profile?. Instead of business name edit information and insert real name?
        Starting up a new personal profile means opening a new account and the client won´t be able to use the same email address. (unless he edits and changes his email address ??)
        I´m confused. They are 3 simple steps. But now I don´t know if we can edit that information instead of deleting the Profile.

        • Hi Carolina, you could do that. However I am not sure that this will bring back all the features of a personal profile. You could test it…
          I would create a new personal profile.

  4. The downside to business pages, I’m finding, is that when you tag other pages they will not show up in their recent posts section as they would if a profile page were to tag them. This drastically cuts down on exposure. Oddly enough, I do see some business pages have this ability. It’s not the other pages settings, whereas some business pages can appear in their recent posts section others can not. What’s going on there?

    ALSO, how can you add a “Recommendations” section to your business page?

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