35 tips about Branding on Facebook or Twitter

These are some of the posts that I saved this week with Read It Later. A collection of posts on better branding on Facebook (and Twitter).

Develop Your Brand on Facebook

18 tools for branding on Facebook 18 Tools to Develop Your Brand on Facebook by Sig Ueland

A good overview with welcome tab (Pagemodo), promotions, chat, forum, offers, newsletter and monitoring.

My favorite tools are:

Pagemodo to build a good looking welcome app yourself the easy way.

TinyChat – create a chat room with video and give your (potential) fans the ability to start a chat with you and build trust.

Forum for Pages – a feature that used to be standard on each Facebook page. Now back, add a forum to your Facebook page.

This looks promising Fotobabble – will test it.

Apps for your newsletter opt in box on your Facebook business page MailChimp and Aweber

Social Mention and EdgeRank Checker and see the how to on Google Analytics below.

Flowchart how to set up your Facebook page

Ultimate Guide To Creating A Facebook Page by Richard Darell (@minervity)

A flow chart that shows the basic steps to follow while you are creating a Facebook business page.
Facebook business page creation flowchart

Source of the flowchart is Firstscribefull size or PDF

Use paid update promotion on Facebook

Why Facebook Is Letting You Promote to Your Fans and Why I Think You Should by John Jantsch (@ducttape)

Some strong points made by John in the post:

1) Selectively create posts related to your business, products and services that contain an emotional charge.

2) Make sure that said posts call people to sign up for something off Facebook

The surest way to make Facebook pay is to capture interest and sell off Facebook in your normal email marketing platform.

Your Facebook marketing routine should now contain one emotion packed lead capture status update a month that you can fully promote.

Learn how your brand is doing on the social networks and Facebook

Online Brand Management using Google Analytics by Sam Noble (@koozai_sam).

You are probably already using Google Analytics to track your website (if not, you should). Sam discovered that you can use Google Analytics to learn how your brand is doing online.

There are some basic features that everyone should be using for online brand management in Google Analytics, which I am going to go through in this post. I am also going to cover elements of the new social reports in Google Analytics, which can show you some really interesting data about your brand.

Sam created a interesting dashboard that you can use for your brand: http://kooz.ai/brand-monitoring-dash, it is really easy to use.

Is Facebook the best branding platform for you?

Why Twitter is the better branding platform Why Twitter Is a Better Brand Platform Than Facebook – 10 Reasons Twitter Will Be Huge For Business by B.L. Ochman (@whatsnext)

Interesting thoughts on why Twitter is a better branding platform than Facebook.

Here’s what I think today: it’s a stronger platform for advertisers than Facebook will ever be.

Marketers need to remember that Twitter is about give and take. If you just use it to pimp your stuff, you’ll be zapped in mid-tweet: blocked for good.

One of the 10 points B.L. Ochman makes:

5. The more you give, the more you get. If you follow the 12:1 rule – add value and help others 12 times, promote yourself once – you’ll get more than you give from others on Twitter.

Automating some of your Tweets

While we are on the subject of Twitter for branding. See what you can automate on Twitter without hurting your brand.

Automate some of your tweets 4 Useful Twitter Automation Tools and How to Use Them by Kristi Hines (@kristihines)

With Twitterfeed – automatically tweeting RSS feeds to your twitter account. Could be your blog or other blogs that give good content.

Tweet Old Posts – a great WordPress plugin that will tweet post from your blog’s archive.

Kristi also mentions auto DMs and scheduling tweets – check the post 4 Useful Twitter Automation Tools.

Your branding

How about your branding on Facebook or Twitter today? Share the links to your Facebook page and your branded Twitter account below.

Let me know if you are already using some of the above tools for your branding.

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