Blog posts in your Facebook page via notes

With the new notes in Facebook you can now blog in your Facebook page fast en easy. If you already have a blog you can also import your blog posts. This way you can add your posts automatically in your Facebook page.

Your notes van be found in the row of tabs, or in the drop down ‘>>’, or you will have to add them via the ‘+’.

You can use a note to create a blog for your Facebook page.
You can look at your own notes, notes on all your Pages, notes of your friends, you can even check notes that mention you.

Click on the button ‘+ Write a note’. Note: do not click on the link ‘Write a note’ because this will take you to the notes of your personal profile. We want notes on our Page. You can write a blog post here:

We want to import blog posts and not write new posts for now.
Scroll down on the notes page.


Now we will import our blog posts – Click on ‘Edit import settings’

Import your blog

1. Enter the URL for your blog – this is not the URL of your feed.
2. You import the content of your own blog – no copyright issues. Check.
3. Start importing

The RSS feed of your blog has been found:

“We read your feed at
If you confirm this import, we’ll check the feed every couple of hours for new posts you’ve made, and add anything we find to your Facebook notes.”

Click on ‘Confirm’.

If you now go to your page you will see your notes in your Wall.


Pros and cons:

  • Your blog posts will now show up as status updates. Fans can ‘Like’ and comment on your posts. With this you will reach a larger audience within Facebook and on the web.
  • The complete post is now available in Facebook and your fans can comment here. The reason to visit your blog is smaller now. There is a link of the post on each note to visit your post on the blog.
  • It is not clear when the post will be imported. It can take an hour a couple of hours, but also some days. Sometimes it will posts 3 articles in a row while it was a daily post in your blog. If you write time sensitive posts this could be an issue.
  • You are where your target audience is, and your articles are here.

Duplicate content and penalties:
Some people worry about duplicate content and penalties. No need. The post in your blog is the original and will get the ranking in the search engine. The note is a duplicate will not get the ranking. You will not get a penalty for your note. You want your article been read by as many people as possible? Add your blog posts to your notes in Facebook.

Inspiration for this article via Hyperarts How Facebook Notes Have Changed & Why You Should Use Them

My page for more inspiration ErnoHanninkEN

Updated 2012 September
You can find this on Facebook:

We want you to connect with your fans in the most effective ways possible. That’s why as of September 30th you’ll no longer be able to automatically import posts from your website to your Page notes. The best way to get people to interact with your content is to give them insight into the links you share on your Wall by adding personal comments and responding to feedback from fans.

We’re focused on creating even better tools for Pages. Look for announcements soon.’s-notes?

Possible alternatives for you:

  • Copy and paste the text of your post in a note note by hand and publish the note on Facebook
  • Copy and paste the link of the post in a status update of your Facebook page. You get the bst results with a short description and an image that you add by hand.
  • Use the app of NetworkedBlogs

From experience I have learned that posting an update to a post with an image, explanation and link gets the most views, Likes and response.

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  1. Thanks Erno. Notes up to date!!

  2. Hi, I’ve successfully imported our blog into the *page* Notes section (not the user profile’s Notes section), however, they’ve not showing up on the Page wall (or on the friends feeds for our Page), instead, they’re showing up on our profile’s wall and the feeds of our profile’s friends. How can we change this? I want the imported blog posts (Notes) to show up on the Page wall and I want the friends of our Page to see it on their feeds. If we *create* a new note on our Page, it *does* go to the Page wall, and into the friends feeds. (Hope that makes sense…)

  3. @Tony Not sure what is going on. I am also missing the notes updates on the Wall of my page. It looks like Facebook is working on the notes. We have seen some changes in the last few days on the notes page as well.

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