Add your Facebook business page to your personal profile in 6 steps [video]

Often I get the question “I have 2 pages on Facebook now, one that I have created and one that I did not create. How can I change that?”

What most of the times happened was that at some point you have added your company as work experience in your personal profile on Facebook, without creating an actual business page.

This is when Facebook automatically creates a page. One that has this briefcase (see below) and you can not edit it.

This video explains what is happening and how to correct it including a short screencast.

Add your Facebook business page to your personal profile [screencast] from Erno Hannink on Vimeo.

Go to the about section on your Facebook personal profile

1. Go to your Personal Profile by clicking on your name on the right side in the menu.
2. Go to the about section – click on About.
go to Facebook personal profile

The incorrect empty page

This is usually how the incorrect business page is listed on your personal profile. When you click it some other people may even have ‘Liked’ it, but you can not edit this page.

The incorrect empty page on your personal profile

Remove the empty page

Remove this empty Facebook page with your business name.

Remove empty page from personal profile

Add the correct page

3. Now start typing the name of your business page.
4. Select the correct Facebook page from the drop-down list.

Add business page to personal profile

Complete your company details

5. Complete the details for your company:

  • Position
  • City/Town
  • Year and month when you started this business

When you have multiple business or jobs listed here, remember that these are ordered on the date you started the business or job.

Complete details for company

Done editing

6. You are done editing

Save settings - done edditing

Your Facebook page visible and clickable in your personal profile

Now you can see your business page in the about section on your personal profile. It will show the position that is at the top of your ‘Work and Education’ list.

The visitors of your personal profile can now see your business page when they hover over the name. They can click the page and go directly to your business page. Of course your page is very interesting and you have another ‘Like’ 🙂

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  1. Mr. Hannink,
    I tried all of that..but my facebook page does not show up in the drop-down box in the ‘add a job’ part in the ‘About’ section of my personal profile. what am i doing wrong?

  2. min doesn’t show in the drop down either

  3. Thanks guys but nothing seems to be working, My question is here:( I have a business page which was created 5 years ago without any personal profile attached to it, Now i have created a new personal profile and want to bring that page to be attached to my personal profile ). As a few years back you could create a business page without a personal profile but facebook have taken away that option.
    any help would be appreciated

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